Frequently asked questions about Autoxloo products

Vehicle Inspection Report

What is the best car inspection software on the market today?
We believe that it is Autoxloo VIR™. It is compatible both with Android & iOS tablets. It is the only one that produces grading! It can work on-line & offline. Autoxloo VIR™ has a digital storage of the vehicle inventory, it does VIN decoding. And moreover, we can send feeds to Adesa, OVE, SmartAuction. This is why we believe that our Vehicle Inspection Report™ is the best car inspection software on the automotive market.
Is this software compatible with iPhones, iOSs and Android tablets?
Definitely. It is mobile-based and was designed to use on-the-go
Does your VIR produce grading?
Yes, our VIR™ displays overall grading of the vehicle to provide a snapshot of overall car condition.
Does your VIR follow AAA or UK standard?
We have both types. Just set the one you like more.
Do you have an ability to connect to an OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) diagnostic reader?
The Autoxloo VIR™ tool lets dealers to connect to an OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) diagnostic reader via W-Fi or Bluetooth. A comprehensive scan of all electronic systems that provides a list of error codes with descriptions is available as part of a vehicle inspection report.
Do you have VIN decoding capability?
Yes, you can simply click on a Scan VIN button and decode VIN directly from the car itself.
Can I add detailed description to damage part of the vehicle?
Yes, you can select area you want to mark, fill in details about the damage like severity or repair cost etc.
Can I take photo of a car with the help of VIR?
Yes, click on Image button/Camera and you can take photos right at the moment of filling in details. Also you will be able to see a visual hint that shows you exactly what you need to focus on. You can also take photos in advance and in the process of creating vehicle just add them from the gallery of your device.
Is there any possibility to customize VIR fields?
Yes, all our blocks are fully customizable. We can either enable them or disable depending on the access of your people. If you for example need a person just to enter basic info, you can turn off the pricing and condition blocks.
Do you have an ability to upload vehicles offline?
Yes, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet on your mobile device to upload vehicles. All the changes will be saved on a device in offline mode and will be automatically uploaded to your website as soon as you get online.


Is your Marketplace platform responsive?
All auction widgets are totally responsive which allow users to use tablet or mobile phone to monitor auction activity.
Do you have Proxy Bidding capability?
Yes. The customer enters his proxy bid on our website and the system will automatically place a bid on Users behalf. It makes buying process easier and less time-consuming for buyers.
Do you have Bidding History?
All buyers are available to see bid history.
Can I run several auction types simultaneously?
You can use different auction modes that we can turn on for different vehicles at the same time, like placing bids or applying different offers or simply buy vehicle.
Does your auction connect with any sort of grading?
Yes. We have an ability to make vehicle inspection reports. You will be able to see the average grading that your vehicle has. This number is calculated using all the damages that were applied to a vehicle.
Do you have any email notifications?
Dealer will receive email notification as well as user will be notified via email about any changes in auctions he is taking part in.
Should I activate vehicles I want to post one by one?
No. You can use our feature “Batch Activation” that allows you fast and easy activate many vehicles in one moment. Just mark vehicles you want to activate.
Does your system generate any reports?
Yes, we have a reporting feature with the help of which you will be able to track all the activity on vehicles, number of bids and offers received, name of the client that purchased vehicle etc.
Is there any role separation in the backend or everyone can manage auction part?
Our setting allow to set up users with different access, so you will be able separate your staff, for example if you have several people that work with only 1 store they will be able to see only their own vehicles.

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