Flexibility in Auction Video Streaming

Now the auto auctions can make more profit with Autoxloo’s SimCasts™ application. It allows sellers to showcase their vehicles available on the auction in all details and adjust their presentations on customer’s demand. The auction buyers can watch the inventory in-and-out right from their computers or mobile devices, place the bids, fight for the cars and win as if they were at the real auction lane. The application allows them to view the streams by several sales people as well as to watch multiple vehicles at a time. Sellers can make good deals long before the bidding starts because they have a possibility to present their vehicles to the clients at anytime and anywhere by having only a mobile phone or a tablet at the fingertips.

With SimCasts™ sellers take control over the vehicle presentation in their own hands. Zooming-in and out, coming closer or stepping away from the car, presenting the car’s interior or focusing on its look – these simple actions can push a buyer to make a final decision on the vehicle’s purchase. The SimCasts™ app empowers presenters to demonstrate the best and strongest sides of their inventory to provide the faster and easier sales.

The benefits for sellers:

  • Flexibility and full control over the streaming. Sales people can easily operate the stream. The application allows presenters to show up the vehicle in detail on the customer’s demand for the quick and effective sales.

  • Pre-auction mode. A presenter can showcase a vehicle in the dealership before the auction starts or its shipping to the auction room. It’s a good opportunity for dealers to sell a vehicle not waiting for the auction and to save on lanes and shipping.

  • High quality streams. The SimCasts™ video sessions launch and stream even with low quality Internet connection. Streams are not interrupted with the Internet breakdowns.

  • Notifications for presenters. Before the auction ends, the presenters are notified to start the streaming within the last minutes of the auction.

  • Advanced filters. The presenter is enabled to quickly find the required vehicle by using the year, make and model filters.

  • Close and live interaction with customers. Subscribers can send their comments or questions during the video session. Presenters can react to these comments and answer them by voice

The benefits for buyers:

  • No additional software for installation.
  • A possibility to select presenters from the list of available sales people.
  • A showcase by one or several presenters at a time.
  • A bidding ability.
  • Multiple vehicle streams at a time.
  • Adjustable video settings.
  • Close and detailed view of a vehicle and its parts.
  • An ability to comment during the stream.
  • Streams on demand.

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