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"Cost-effective solution that shows me results"

"Autoxloo does a great job. In power sports industry it is very important to create leads because the sale is very important."

"Autoxloo is the newest in technology, fast and efficient web-hosting company for me and my business. For every dollar I invest I get a three time return."

"Autoxloo has an immediate solution to any question about my website or advertising. Autoxloo compose everything that I have a need for."

- Ronnie Pownell, Owner/Principal, Pinellas Power Sports

"Autoxloo provides so many services for such reasonable price"

"One of the things I do really enjoy, and really appreciate about Autoxloo is that they study the market, and they study technology as time change. All the homework is done for me making it easy for me to focus on the sales."

"It has taken our sales through the roof."

"Autoxloo keeps us current with emerging technology and continues to come up with new innovative ways to market our vehicles."

" They provide many services to a reasonable price."

- Asanka, Owner/Principal, AsankaCars

"I will definitely recommend the Autoxloo DMS to other dealers"

"The reason why we chose to stay with Autoxloo, even know though there are many, many different website providers, is that the relationship is very important to us. When we make a phone call, we have an issue,they make it their priority to have our issue resolved immediately."

"I will rate the level of customer service as excellent. There is always someone available to assist us."

- Omid, Owner/Principal, AutoExpo

"Consumer is ever changing. So you want a tool that is changing towards your customer"

"We like the ability to create and edit our own website. We felt comfortable to do business with the people at Autoxloo. If we have a problem they go and solve it. Autoxloo helps us to research and find a solution to what we do. It comes down to people, knowledge and service."

"We already recommended Autoxloo to the number of people that we do business with and will recommend it to other people as well."

- Fred Najjar, Owner/Principal, Park Auto Mall

"The best thing that Autoxloo has done for us - save us money"

"Several times I may call up, I am talking to the real person, their customer service is just outstanding."

"Autoxloo helps us to sell more cars. One of the best secrets that I can share with you right now is Autoxloo."

- Paul, Internet Sales & Marketing Director, LokeyMotors

Our dealership partners with Autoxloo simply because it works! We have seen steady growth quarter after quarter even in this current down market. This growth can only be attributed to the dealer management system and the tools they provide to get our cars seen by more eyes than the competition. I used to pay an employee to sit there for close to 35 hours a week to upload our inventory to each of the major online listing sites - Ebay, Autotrader, Cars.com, Craigslist and so on. Now our inventory is uploaded automatically using professionally looking templates that really help us stand out from the competition.

If you are looking for a complete dealer management system that will generate leads (sales), increase your web presence, decrease your workload and not break the bank doing it then Autoxloo is really your only choice.

- Bobby, Owner, Excellence Cars, Illinois

Autoxloo has changed everything for my organization! Finally I'm working with a company committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology. In the business of Auto Photography, keeping clients means providing robust back-end services as well as good looking photos year after year. Autoxloo offers the fast and effective tools my team needs while offering my clients innovative tools for expanding their dealerships web presence. Keep up the good work!

- Mike, VP, AutoWebConnect, CA

Autoxloo offers a very solid product, which allows me to better manage my Internet sales and marketing. I've been very pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the Autoxloo team. Issues are resolved and questions answered, if not immediately, then with a "same day" answer. Without question, Autoxloo is one of the better companies I've worked with as a dealer.

- Sam, Internet Manager, Houston, TX,

In the past, it's been hard for vendors to keep up with what we wanted from an Internet solution. Autoxloo stays two steps ahead of us and has brought more business to our dealership. One of the biggest advantages they offer is great customer service and they are always at the leading edge of continuous improvements. Autoxloo is always looking at ways to increase your business. Any issue get resolved the same day. David is very friendly and is a wealth of knowledge on helping the dealer grow his business. Autoxloo is one of the vendors that I can truly call a partnership.

- Bruce, Owner, Second Street Auto Group, New Hampshire

We consider our relationship with Autoxloo to be one of our most important business relationships because the Internet is our only method of advertising for our business. Our Autoxloo website has generated many new leads for our business. We are a small business, but our website makes us look larger. We have received numerous compliments from customers that have viewed our website. The Autoxloo website is extremely easy to use and the customer service we get from them is amazing. I would recommend Autoxloo to anyone, I just wish we would have found them years ago!

- Sheri, Owner, Classic Motorcars Inc, Wisconsin

We elected to partner with Autoxloo because they offer interesting online marketing options, their tools are flexible and adaptable to how we do business. In addition, they have a commitment to innovation, and are quick to update their software and adapt new technology.

- Tony, Business Development Manager, Local Autos Online